A Fantastic Reunion…


Steve Cox and Jim Bouton at the Pilots reunion. Larry Haney and Steve Whitaker are in the background.

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Pilots reunion over the weekend – It was a smashing success!

The fans, players and crew had a great time and we got some great footage for the documentary. We’ll post some pictures and perhaps a video clip or two from the event very soon, so check back. And don’t forget: if you would like to be informed when the documentary is ready for purchase, click the button on the right and fill in the form.


Reunion Updates…

Steve Whitaker and Greg Goossen have joined the line-up of ex-Pilots and we’re excited to have themsteve whitaker aboard! We’ve also confirmed the speakers for the event:

Bill Schonely – Emcee

Charles Kapner – Memorabilia

Mike Fuller – How Seattle Lost the Pilots

Art Thiel – Seattle Baseball History

Jim Bouton – Seattle Pilots Memories

A few other notes:

• The reunion has been moved from Salon A/B to Salon C/D at the Hilton Bellevue. There will be signs up to people to the right room.

• For directions to the Hilton Bellevue click here.

• There will be a free raffle for some nifty door prizes.20090725_125057_ds25-gooON2_200

• There is a new button on the sidebar. Click it and you can sign up for email notifications about the upcoming documentary.

We would like to thank Larry Stone at the Seattle Times for his terrific column about the reunion and documentary. Click here to read it.

Keep spreading the word about the reunion! We want to have a lot of people there to share this historical experience! If you have any questions, shoot us an email…

Plans for the 40th Anniversary Pilots Reunion are in full swing! Here’s the list of players scheduled to appear:

Seattle Pilots Team Photo

Seattle Pilots Team Photo

Dick Bates

Jim Bouton

Tommy Davis

John Donaldson

John Gelnar

Larry Haney

Bob Locker

Gordy Lund

Gerry McNertney

Billy Williams

Dooley Womack

We’re still working on a couple of players, so the list may grow a bit before the event.

The reunion will run from noon until 3pm on Saturday, August 29th. After that, several of the former players will gather in the outdoor beer garden at the Pyramid Ale House from 4pm – 5pm as a prelude to the ceremony at Safeco Field.  The Ale House is located at 1201 First Avenue South, directly across the street from the ballpark. The players will be available to meet with fans and answer questions as well as sign memorabilia (fliers will be provided for the players to sign). Vouchers for autographs will be available for $5 each.

The pre-game ceremony will start at approximately 6:55 at Safeco Field and will feature a short video presentation followed by player introductions. Jim Bouton will then throw the ceremonial first pitch to former battery-mate Gerry McNertney. Then it’s game time for the Mariners and the Royals. You may recall that the Royals were the other expansion team in 1969. Shortly before the season started, the Pilots traded Lou Piniella to the Royals for John Gelnar and Steve Whitaker. Lou went on to become Rookie of the Year for the Royals, a key player in the great Yankee teams of the late 70’s and, of course, the Mariners manager from 1993-2002.

We would like to acknowledge two people who have helped out a great deal with both this event and the documentary:

Charles Kapner is a memorabilia collector specializing in the Pilots. He will be at the reunion talking memorabilia and showing off some of his collection. If you have Pilots memorabilia that you are interested in selling, please contact Charles at ckapner@foxinternet.com or call him at 425-885-3462.

Mike Fuller created the website www.seattlepilots.com, and if you’re a Pilots fan, you should check it out. The site contains a history of the Pilots, interviews, images, stats, box scores and much more. It’s a valuable resource and highly recommended.

After much pleading on our part, the Seattle Mariners have agreed to have a pre-game ceremony honoring the Seattle Pilots for their importance in Seattle baseball history and their ongoing place in the hearts of baseball fans everywhere. There was a catch, though. Because of these uncertain economic times, the Mariners are unable to pay for travel and accommodations for the players. So, it has fallen on us, the producers of the Pilots documentary, to find a way to get the players out here for their justly deserved recognition. After much thought, we have decided to put on a Seattle Pilots convention/reunion during the afternoon before the game and it looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Here are the details:postersm

What: Seattle Pilots Convention/Reunion

When: Saturday, August 29th, 12pm – 3pm

Where: The Hilton Bellevue

Why: 40th Anniversary!

Who: So far the following players have agreed to attend – Jim Bouton, Tommy Davis, John Donaldson, Larry Haney, Billy Williams and Gordy Lund. We expect several more to sign on before the event. Also, former Pilots Broadcaster and long-time voice of the Portland Trailblazers Bill Schonley will emcee. Art Thiel, senior sports columnist for the Seattle-PI will be speaking about the history of Seattle baseball and top memorabilia collector Charles Kapner will be on hand with a display of rare Pilots collectibles. We’ll announce more guests as we confirm them.

The Hilton Bellevue

The Hilton Bellevue

Cost: $20 per person at the door. All entry fees will go toward paying transportation and lodging costs for the players. Also, autograph tickets will be available for $5 each and can be redeemed for autographs from any of the players with proceeds going to the players.

There will be guest speakers, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. Also, we will shooting video of people’s recollections and stories about the Pilots – you might end up in the Documentary! It will be a great chance to meet some of the original Pilots and talk a little baseball!

Opening Day Introduction

Opening Day Introduction

After the convention, the players will head down to Safeco Field for the ceremony which will take place before the game between the Mariners and, appropriately enough, the Kansas City Royals. The ceremony will begin at approximately 6:55pm.

So spread the word! If you’re a Pilots fan, you will not want to miss this event. If you have any questions, let us know, either by email or in the comments section. Also, sponsorship opportunities are available, email us for more information!

In a coup for music, baseball and film lovers alike, Scott McCaughey has agreed to write, perform and produce the original music for The Seattle Pilots: Short Flight Into History.  scottmccaughy550bScott has been variously described as an icon, a legend and deceased (the last of which is greatly exaggerated). An incredibly prolific musician, Scott is a founder of the highly influential Young Fresh Fellows, the critically beloved Minus 5, and The Baseball Project as well as side man extraordinaire for Rock and Roll Hall of Famers R.E.M. since 1994 – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. His dedication to Short Flight speaks volumes about both his rabid love of baseball and his gluttony for punishment.  Obviously, we are thrilled to have him on board.

Be sure to check out Scott’s latest albums “Killingsworth” by The Minus 5 and “I Think This Is” RR9IP7geby Young Fresh Fellows. Both are available through the iTunes Music Store and YepRoc Records. They are both outstanding pieces of music and you won’t be disappointed.

To hear “Go, You Pilots, Go!” by Scott McCaughey, click here: Go, You Pilots Go!

submitted by Brad Powers

Part 1 of the trailer for our upcoming Pilots Documentary. This segments explains how the team was put together, the conditions at Sick’s Stadium and Joe Schultz’s management style.

This is part two of the trailer for the documentary which deals with the world events of 1969, how the Pilots were sold to Milwaukee and the enduring legacy of the team.